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The only preservative we use is 100% natural Grapefruit Seed Extract and natural Vitamin E

Sorry to say, we don’t! It is something we are looking into for the future. You can catch us at various art shows across the country, stores that carry our products or continue shopping on line. When looking for a retail store near you, just see FIND US.

We cannot make a medical claim such as how much our products will protect you from the sun. A lot of our butters have a natural SPF of between eight and eleven, but we cannot guarantee it due to the natural content.

The shelf life may vary amongst our products. Given the natural and organic content of our products most of them will last for twelve to eighteen months. You are always guaranteed freshness as we make them fresh every week.

Yes! Pretty Baby products are wonderful and gentle enough for even babies. We’ve been using our products on all of the ‘pretty babies’ around here since birth. Growing up here in the shop, several of our grandchildren have eaten various amounts of numerous products over the years…yes, they are just fine…although–we DO NOT recommend this practice.

Our colors come from mostly all natural ultramarine pigments. They are clays fired to a certain degree of temperature to create each color. Because they are all natural, and we make our products in ‘hands on’ small batches, the colors may vary slightly per batch.

We’ve simplified our shipping rates. All orders under $100 receive flat rate shipping for $7.50.  Orders $100 or more receive FREE shipping.

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