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The Pretty Baby Brand

We are in our fifth generation of soap makers. ’Pretty Baby’ Olive oil, Castile soaps, are cruelty-free, using no animal fats, no preservatives, and no petroleum products. Each bar is long-lasting and fortified with Vitamin E, Saponified Olive, Coconut and Palm Kernel oils to make a gentle, sophisticated, natural soap. Every bar is unique and may have added infusions, butters, spices, essential oils and even Goat’s milk… making  luxurious, thick, rich, lather that is dense and penetrating, with character in every bar.

We’ve taken the same approach to all of our products. Everything that we produce is totally natural and is water, plant and vegetable based.  Our hand and body lotions are wonderfully emollient with not a spec of grease…they repair dry, damaged skin and leave you feeling soft and silky. Our ‘talc free’ powders, water soluble creams, polishing salts, oils, and facial products, will leave you feeling pretty and natural with baby soft skin.

Our Story

The making of homemade natural soap, although once a necessity, has become for us a folk art steeped in family tradition. Pretty Baby Naturals is a family business committed to providing natural, organic products for all members of the family.

Terrianne Taylor began making soap in the 1950′s on her grandmother’s farm. Terrianne is still the creative mastermind of the business, and husband Jim is the master designer of displays and inventory. Our son John represents our fifth generation of soap makers, while our son Peter is responsible for the professional  photographs you see on this site. Our daughter Amy helps with new labels and art work when we need her, in spite of her busy teaching schedule. Longtime employees and adopted family members Cindy and Crystal are committed to giving you the best customer service experience and hand-made products. We proudly guarantee that!